“The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best,
but legendary.”
– Sam Walton
We have a firm belief we can be of value to you. We are not selling anything and we do not cold call hence our soft approach and the opportunity for you to take on board some free information and to decide if you would like to hear more.


The details we’re using to contact you are contained in a shareholder list that was recently made available to us by an Australian division of Dunn and Bradstreet, a very large entity with far-reaching and highly advanced data systems available to both private and commercial sectors.

Source prospective clients, upgrade our databases, research new and unexplored sectors

Define possibilities and market interest for Private Equity positions WITH safety nets in place and GUARANTEED RETURNS whilst simultaneously raising capital; for the IPO markets of Europe ( German GXG exchange primarily ).

Establish numbers and volumes of outstanding shares per company to assess possibilities for each company we are working with i.e. do we create a new company, form a SHELL company, or restructure an existing company with new venture capital (Equity) and revalue the shares or simply repackage and; sell said company to for example a Chinese company who has a strong inclination to list with a new board on Western Stock exchange. Plus several in-house options such as trading on the Intra-exchanges (we can explain more if you are interested to know)

** Original shareholders certificate not necessary but proof of purchase must be available. Assist in the relinquishing of all list firm comprised of mixed language staff focusing their attentions on the repackaging and relinquishing of pre-market companies that are not active or no longer in business OR have a very limited face or intrinsic value based upon their original purchase price.

*Price and cost bearing no relation whatsoever to value.

Any person wanting to have their name removed from our databases can do so .simply by sending in an email to info@ipo-direct.comand in the subject bar write’’ DNC ‘’.

We update our databases hourly so your name will be removed the same day. Please note we cannot erase your profile or details from Yellow Pages, B2B directories, investor blogs, etc. ONLY from our international call bases. We thank you for your understanding.

Here it is…

If you are contacted by anyone from the USA it is 100% a scam. No financial institution of ANY status or kind based in the USA is permitted to call ANYONE outside that country. It’s a severe fine and /or jail sentence. REPORT anyone doing this to www.sec.gov

There are NO mergers, acquisitions, taxable benefits, bonuses, dividends or RELEASE FEES due on ANY of the share listed below. Why? All have little or no value, they are not listed trading companies, they have little or no value and they have no board members. In addition there is no benefit to anyone ‘’buying ‘’ them.

Should you be told someone is buying these stocks to ‘’write –off’’ taxes this too is a work of fiction.

Ask for ID and a copy of the passport for the person dealing with this. YOU WILL GET THIS FROM US WITHOUT BEING ASKED.

Be careful when looking at telephone numbers and website addresses, there is a little known formula for scammers known as ‘’piggy-backing’’ which is where a company pretends to emulate a well-known branded company example ; www.goldmansachs.com may become www.goldman-sachs.com and the website designer has copied the ORIGINAL site word for word and found a phone number to buy that all BUT matches… clever huh!! In addition you may see hard to spot details missing or changed such as unknown security keys or a very recent date on the website designers stamp etc… Some may use ‘’.org, or .net’’ instead of ‘’ .com’’ as with the true entity. Use this service to check: https://www.whois.net/ orhttp://www.news.com.au/technology/online/photos-fnjwnfzw-1226945641292?page=1 which is sanctioned by Google and most interesting.

In all cases we have found ways to TRACE and recuperate SOME funds for clients. Where you send MONEY IS CRUCIAL to chasing down the culprits of scams. IF you have lost money to any company in the last 1 – 7 years maximum, we can help. We do this on a fixed fee basis.

Living in denial is a very hard thing to overcome but nothing gets better until that hurdle is leapt. In order to move on and be fortunate enough to get a second chance with these investments, you must first accept it is time to move forward OR of course write the lot off… do not be a fool and send more money to anyone for the above reasons I listed.

Our website is about to be renewed but the holding page is:

Please do carry out any due-diligence you deem necessary and get third party advice whenever possible.
Thank you!

Specific stocks in question

  • Hydro Solutions Asia (H.S.A.)
  • Newport mining
  • Newport Energy
  • Delmedica (DMI) exception- Update available
  • Greater China Beverage
  •  greater China Group Holdings (GCBG GCBH)
  • Sustainable Energy Asia (S.E.A.)
  • Titan Energy
  • C.E.G.

Or send the name of the company you bought stock in, the approximate dollar value and the year purchased and we will cross-check the status of that company for you  FREE.

We will not bill you, charge you or ask you for credit -a card or bank details- we make a fixed-fee based living IF and when you are prepared to, and see the value and sense in, moving out of dormant stocks into one of the limited positions we may hold, which are active companies generating revenue and very transparent and easy to verify.