FORMED AS A CO-OPERATIVE IN 2008 THE CEO Brit, Robert Jowett has worked in IFC (International Financial Centre/ Hong Kong and worked ON THE Asian Equities trading desk and has also traded with renowned success Singapore for some time after. A 60`s baby he is married with one daughter who is at International school in Kuala Lumpur. His hobbies are flying (presently taking lesson for PPL), Scuba diving with over 50 dives to his credit, and anything historic such as ancient temples structures etc.


He has made KL his home but regularly visits clients in Dubai, Australia, New Zealand, and UK. As a British Expat with over 23 years in international and merchant banking he also created the Distressed Portfolio division as so many clients were sending their own and referral business to him as he has experience in handling some peculiarities of International Banking Law and making good some portfolios and holdings which many had given up hope of ever seeing revived. This activity has now become an integral part of the business model. This entails a full and FREE assessment of your holdings and a report listing the possibly options available to remedy the portfolio.




These holdings may include; old and dormant penny shares purchased up to 10 years prior, existing listed companies you have lost track of and a revival plan. Search and Replacement of share certificates of you have lost or mislaid your original copies, and Trust fund and Superannuation help (not advice).

Our familiarity and application of little known or overlooked Laws greatly assist in recovering funds for clients who have had unfortunate experiences at the hands of unscrupulous ‘’brokers or intermediaries’’.

We have the ability and sufficient resources to be able to provide several stock options for those interested parties. Sectors at time of writing include; Construction (Canadian company), Emissions reduction additive (USA), Android phone developer (UK/German J.V.) ,and several other placements some listed on stock exchanges presently. Details available free from ‘’Contact” tab

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